The Writer’s Iceberg

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By Trisha Sugarek

AWriterIcebergI stumbled across this wonderful graphic (by Sudio Sudarsan) of a ‘writer’s ice berg’. Not many people, aside from we who write, know this world. It’s lonely, scary, humiliating, and painful. It’s also uplifting, soul bursting, and mind expanding.

TrishaSugarekI count myself the luckiest of women that I developed my craft and didn’t give up when people said, ‘no’. I am the most fortunate of writers to have realized that the process has to be planted in good soil, watered, and given lots of sunshine. And most important of all: let the process happen. Get out of your own way.  

We writers should never sit back and say, I have arrived. I don’t need to grow anymore. I am at the top of my game. If you’ve read any of my interviews with really famous authors, they aren’t smug—far from it. They are striving to be better at their craft, just as you and I are. I’ve found, in my interactions with these authors, that the bigger they are… the humbler they are.

As Sudio states, “Writing is bloody hard work. When the writer puts ink to paper, he sits as a cat stranded on a hot tin roof. I’ve seen vapors emanate from my ears. A clear sentence is never an accident. Think about writing as stringing together a few sentences to transfer worthwhile thought from one head to another. As a debuting author anxious to reach a wider audience, I understand that you can never knock at the doors of creativity and expect an answer. Writers wait for creativity to hunt them down, hoping their meticulous application of scents and well-practiced calls will attract it to within striking distance, only to accidentally run it over on the way home. How succulent is literary road kill!

Writers will all agree with Sudio. When a great character, a clever turn of phrase, or a brilliant twist in the story appears and slaps us upside the head…we are wholeheartedly grateful!



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