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Issue #98

In the FALL 2016 issue: Cover is story -Matt Feazell and Matt Dawson, interviewed about their political game, Mudslinger, by Ian Shires! Additional Interviews with Stephaie C. Lyons-Keeley and Wayne J. Keeley, David Scacchi, and Trisha Sugarek. Sneak Peeks of Earthings #2 by Dave Brink, Jim Jimenez, and Jeremy Scott Brworning, Planet Earth by David Scacchi and Gary Welsh, and Tales of Terror by David Doub, Lou Manna, and Jerry Gonzales. Articles include Doug’s A Written View series, Trisha Sugarek’s Motivational Moments, and the Hall of Fame report by Ian Shires. Top it all off with a 10-reviews review section.

Work this issue done by: Ian Shires, Ellen FleischerDouglas Owen, Trisha Sugarek, Louise Cochran-Mason, and MJ Moores.

Cover artwork by Matt Feazell, a 44 page full color, link enhanced PDF!