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Issue #93

In the March 2016 issue: It’s Dimestore’s 30th Birthday, celebrate with us in the pages of the new issue. Cover Story on NightShine Productions, a small town indy music studio – Interview with producer/owner Cristie Hine. More interviews with Mark R. Bernal, Brandon Rhiness, and Trisha Sugarek. Sneak Peeks of Sepulchre #1 by Christie Shinn, Bang Bang Lucita #1 by Chuck Amadori, Edson Alves, and Nimesh Morarjie, and Shaman’s Destiny#1, by Kyrun Silva. Douglas Owen continues his A Written View series, and we take a look at Hall of Fame developments. Last but not least, it’s the introduction of the NEW RELEASES section, presenting publications from indy publishers…which we’re thinking about transitioning to a review system. Join the continuing Indyfest Evolutions!

Work this issue done by: Ian Shires, Ellen FleischerDouglas Owen, Everard McBainSteven Pennella, and Louise Cochran-Mason

Cover Photography by: Nikkia Kostner, Additional artwork in this issue by: Trevis Martinez, Przemyslaw Debelis, Carlos Trigo, Nick O’Gorman, Chris Johnson, Eugene Belivu, Brittini Bromley, David White, and Lori Smaltz.

48 page full color, link enhanced PDF!