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A Talk with David Nicoll

By Gabriel Ramirez

NICOLL2We would cordially like to introduce you to poet/musician/artist David Nicoll. David Nicoll was inducted as an International poet of Merit with the International society of poetry in the Sheraton Hotel in Washington Dc in 1997 and made it to the semi-finals of their poetry competition, from among 2000 selected poets from all over the world. He was selected for the International Who’s Who of Poetry in 2012.

He was also a guest artist on Radio Wicca International who will be playing music from his CDs.

And it all started here. David Nicoll’s first released literary work is Thoughts and Reflections, and his first CD is David Nicoll and Friends Volume 1.

Now on to the interview. Let’s get to know this awesome artist, shall we?

IM: When did you get started in music?

DN: I have loved music since my teenage years and started playing about twenty years ago.

IM: What made you get into the art of the spoken word?

DAVID RB NICOLL1DN:  It was not a deliberate act; poetry came naturally to me!

IM: How long have you been writing?

DN: I have been writing poetry and short stories for the last thirty years.

IM: Which do you prefer to create: books or CDs?

DN: I love creating both books and CDs, as they each have different qualities.

IM: Who (or what) are your artistic influences?

DN: Nature, humor and humanity

IM: Who are you reading?

DN:  Deepak Chopra, Synchrodestiny!

IM: Do you participate in live shows/readings?

DN: Yes, I do!

IM: What are your favorite composition tools?

DN: A pen and writing pad!

IM: Which is closer to you music or poetry?

DN: Poetry first!

IM: What do you listen to?

DN: South African musicians

IM: Do you play any instruments?

DN: Yes I play djembe and guitar

NICOLL1IM: Do you enjoy collaboration?

DN: Yes I do and I have done quite a few with many friends and fellow musicians!

IM: In your creative process, which comes first when creating music, the words or the melody?

DN: The words!

IM: Can anyone beat Batman?

DN: His wife, no doubt!

IM: How do you feel about Cannabis?

DN: I don’t! What do you feel about it? (Editors note: This interviewer LOVES it!)

IM: What do you personally like about creating art?

DN:  I love it!

IM: Do you have a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram?

DN: I’m on Facebook, WordPress and Instagram!

IM: Got a website?

DN: Not at the moment!

IM: Please take this final question and use this space to promote any projects, peddle yer products and give your shout outs!

DN: I have two books available on Amazon.com and KDP books! Thoughts and Reflections contains poetry, short stories, and humor, with some matching full-color photos and illustrations. It also includes a letter from President Nelson Mandela, which he sent to me after he received the poem “Peace and Harmony!” in 1995.

The other book is called POKES POetic joKES, which is just what it says! If you have a sense of humor, then this book is for you! There are also matching illustrations for some of the POKES.

On Reverbnation under David R B Nicoll I have the following CDs: David Nicoll and friends, Volumes 1 and 2; Treat it so; This is MAD2; and On Days Like These. The last three are collaborations with Mervyn Fuller on composition and production, Mike Pregnolatu on lead guitar and keyboards and Mike Laatz on Saxophone. We are known as MAD, Mervyn And Dave!

WordPress: http://poetrypagesofdave.wordpress.com

Music: http://www.reverbnation.com/davidrbnicoll


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