MuchaMuchaMota Interview – Gaspare Orrico

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By Gabriel Ramirez

Welcome to The official 4/20 MuchaMuchaMota interview! Today we will shine the spotlight on artiste extraordinaire Gaspare Orrico.Gaspare8-web

Gaspare Orrico was born in Cosenza (Italy) on January 22, 1978. After attending art school and graduating with a degree in medieval history, Gaspare decided that he loved to work and study  graphics, character design and. At the same time, he decided to follow his dream and achieve what had always been his true aspiration: to become a cartoonist. His first published work was in November 2012, in the comic anthology Steam Punk Originals for Arcana Comics, a Canadian publishing house. In January 2013, he worked for Arcana Comics again and did the cover of the book Steam punk Originals II. Gaspare can currently be seen showcasing his kick-ass art as the artist for Crazy Monkey Ink’s two-issue miniseries Deathsquad-0. Recently, he began working as a cover artist for Landslide, published by the Headshrinker’s Press.

Now, on to the interview. Let’s get to know this awesome artist shall we?

Gaspare cover--deathsquad_KC2-webIF: When did you get started in comics?

GO: The first comic I read was Superman. I was captivated by his adventures. I remember that I was eight.

IF: What made you get into comics?

GO: I cannot explain. It was something instinctive, perhaps the desire to feel accomplished.

IF: How long have you been drawing?

GO: Drawing for me is like breathing. I could not help it.

IF: What is your first published work?

GO:  My first published work was in November of 2012 for Arcana Comics, a Canadian publishing house, in a comic anthology called Steam punk Originals. I also created a cover for this anthology. But the follow-up work experience was very short.

IF: Who have you worked for?

GO: I worked with several Italian and foreign publishers, including Arcana Comics (Canadian), Mitomano Comics (Chilean), and Absolute Black, (Italian). For almost two years I’ve been collaborating with The Crazy Monkey Ink and with Headshrinker’s Press.Gaspare DS0_pg7-print-web

IF: Who are your artistic influences?

GO: I have different influences, but I think we can say that for my artistic training, there have been important artists like Frank Miller and Mike Mignola, but above all, the great artists who created the 90s publisher Image Comics: Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, and Jim Lee.

IF: What is your favorite genre to draw?

GO: I do not have a genre that I like to draw over another. I like to explore, to try to draw more and experiment with something different. Although, strangely, I can draw monsters very easily. In fact many people think that I like the horror genre, but I do not.

IF: Do you draw digitally or on paper?

GO: I like to draw on paper, to feel the touch of pencil on paper. Although I see that many now work entirely with the computer.

IF: What are your favorite tools?

Gaspare DS0_pg9-print-webGO: I love drawing on recycled paper, using colored pencil. In fact, I use these materials for my sketches of characters or scenes that I’m going to use in the comics.

IF: Do you watch TV or movies or listen to music while you create art?

GO: While drawing, I’m usually listening to different music. I love rock, but lately, I have come to appreciate punk music. I think I have a punk spirit.

IF: Do you currently collect comics?

GO: My collection of comics is monstrously huge. I have comics of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Batman, X-men, Dylan Dog, Hell Boy, Spawn, Sin City, and many others.

IF: Do you currently read anything regularly?

GO: I regularly read the comics drawn by Jim Lee, a Great I’d like to meet one day.

IF: Do you ever buy/read comics digitally?

GO: Lately, I’ve been reading comics digitally, although I by far prefer hardcopy.

IF: Who is your favorite superhero?Gaspare DS01_P1-print-web

GO: I have several superheroes that I like, but my absolute favorites are Wolverine and Batman.

IF: Can anyone beat Batman?

GO: No one can defeat Batman!

IF: How do you feel about Cannabis?

GO: A good question. I believe that cannabis is a personal thing. I have no preconceived ideas, so I think it should be legalized worldwide.

IF: What do you like about drawing comics?

GO: The force of the imagination, creating new worlds, characters performing impossible missions. I believe that making comics is like making a film on paper.

IF: Do you have a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and/or Instagram?

GO: I have a Facebook page: gaspareorricoart, where I post public previews of pages of comics and various sketches. I also have a page that rarely use on Instagram.Gaspare DS01_P2-print-web

IF: Got a website?

GO: I do not have a website, but a blog: This is a public blog where I write all the news about my activities in the world of comics.

IF: Please take this final question and use this space to promote any projects, peddle yer products and give your shout outs! Thank you, Gaspare, for taking the time to do this interview. YOU ROCK!

GO: Plans for the future… a good question. I am currently engaged to complete the pages of the second issue of Deathsquad-0 for Crazy Monkey Ink and finish the illustrations for the Book of Monsters for Headshrinker’s Press. Very ambitious project, because the illustrations are accompanied by short stories and macabre nursery rhymes.

I would love to continue this partnership with these publishing houses and be able to participate in some comic conventions in America.

Till the next interview this is MuchaMuchaMota signing off, it’s time for a celebration!

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