97 The Driving Force

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Can you believe it’s back to school time already? The cool thing about being older is that now, that’s a good thing. Sorry, kids, go get educated. Anyway, welcome to the September issue, as we continue our headlong race towards our 100th issue. Solid issue here, as we continue our efforts to cover more and more of the self-publishing multiverse.

I’ve been talking to King Chan a lot lately, and have been mentioning it here and there, as well. He and I share a lot of the same goals and I like his style. You can look forward to some articles from him here in the magazine, as well as his joining me in doing reviews, as we continue to team up more fully to see the dream of an Indy distribution company that can really make a difference and get the stuff we’re covering into stores in a way in which they can sell and compete. The way we see it, if we don’t do it, no one is going to do it for us. We need to get this magazine out in print again and start winning more fans who can check out the stuff we cover. PDF/Epub versions have been doing ok; we reach almost 2,000 readers on average per issue, but the longer we hover there, the more it seems the real audience is still wanting print copies and we’re not reaching them. So, to do better, we will try harder and leave no stone unturned.
Very happy with the looks of the upcoming features in the next few issues. Next issue, just in time for election season, we’re going to be talking to Matt Feazell and Matt Dawson about the self-published game they have put together: Mudslinger, a card and dice game that encourages you to lie and cheat your way to becoming President! Then, month after that, we’re going to be talking to Matt and Nathan Corrigan, Tim Corrigan’s kids, about their band and more. We have Travis Ware, Eric McRay, Steve Pennella, and many more. It’s going to be an exciting rest of the year.

We’ll be working hard on launching the funding project we’ve been talking about for a long time now. As soon as I finish this issue, I will be contacting the list of people we’ve covered in the last four years to build great reward packages and get ready to reach our lofty goals. These include being able to transform from an all-volunteer effort, to paying contributors, getting some more software for the website, and finally, taking Dimestore from a sole propriater situation to an LCC and getting some more publications going. We’d love to see a return of Mysterious Visions Anthology, which for years was the outlet for runner-up Small Press Idol strips… We’d like to look at, perhaps, starting a new yearly contest. It will really all depend on how well we do in trying to do more, be more, and keep pushing the limits of proudly being Indy.

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