97 Poetry’s Not Dead

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The Poetry of Gabriel Eziorobo

By Dominichi Hawkins

eziorobo1Who said poetry was dead? It is alive, thriving and oozing from the all the sparkling gems around the world. In this day and age we live in, now more than ever, people are using poetry as a creative outlet to either deal with their frustrations at the world, show their admiration in beauty and nature, or as a way to vent their troubled hearts and minds. I had a chance to ask a couple questions to one such poet hailing from Nigeria. If you have been wanting to check out some new poetry or rekindle an old interest in it, I highly suggest checking out Gabriel Eziorobo. He has so much poetry on his website that he is about to start a second website just to contain it all.

IM: Why poetry? Why have you chose poetry over everything else as a means to express yourself?

GE: I have a passion for writing poems. I started writing poems when I read the love poem titled “So I Thought”. I fell in love with it and wrote my first poem afterwards, ”I Am So Quiet”.

IM: What topics do you like to write about?

GE: I am a poet that writes based on what I’ve experienced; what people have experienced and imaginary work. I love to write on love, hatred, sadness, the night, myself, life, and things of God.

IM: What fuels your writing? Anger, love, passion?

GE: Anger.

IM: Any other poets throughout time that have influenced your poetry writing?

GE: My favorite poems are “Song of Sorrow” by Kofi-Awoonor and “The School-boy” by William Blake.

IM: You say anger fuels your writing. Can you elaborate? Where does the anger stem from that drives you to write?

GE: Humanity. I hate things they believe and things they do. For instance, I am a left-handed person and people will say it is disrespectful and a crime to use to use my left hand.

IM: I hear you are starting a new website. Can you tell us a little bit about it and what its content will be?

GE: The site will be basically for posting my poems and serving a blog for my poetry writing. I will still keep my old site for my poems, but this one will be more for persistent blogging and journalism.

IM: Tell me about where you live and grew up. What is it like there?

GE: I live in Nigeria. That is where I was born and brought up. Nigeria is a nice country, blessed with natural resources like crude-oil, coal, etc.

IM: What are your goals as a writer? where do you see yourself in a couple years?

GE: To win many awards as a poet, to see myself among other writers in the world, to inspire people with my writing and to talk about the ills of the world. I see myself in the next couple years as a famous poet in the world.

IM: If you could administer one piece of advice to aspiring poets before parting, what would it be?

GE: To never give up as a poet, because the world needs poets.

IM: Can you tell our readers where they can find your writing and poetry?

GE: www.gabrieleziorobo.weebly.com is my current website, but I will be notifying viewers there of the new website once it is complete.

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