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Welcome to the “BIG SUMMER ISSUE” of Indyfest, which combines two issues into one! Because, while everyone was getting into summer mode, we ran into some website growth issues and had to change hosting companies. The long-term result is that we’re now on a Cloud VPS system and have managed to get ourselves set up with that https: green lock that says we’re now a secure site. It wasn’t easy or fun, and there might still be some code issues I have to figure out, but all in all, big step in the right direction, even if it meant some downtime and missing an issue.

To compensate, there are TWO editions of this issue. Since we didn’t want to have a project lose out on having their cover slot taken away or rescheduled, we’ve released TWO cover editions, each with a different article in the lead spot, and the other cover feature in spot 2… so no one loses. In fact, with more articles come more readers. And that’s what it’s all about here anyway.
We’re going to be entering a period here where we want to bring everything into real focus, stability, and expansion. We’ve been tiptoeing towards a Kickstarter for the better part of a year now, and we’re getting pretty close. You can read a bit more about that in the Hall of Fame update, this issue. I also want to see us add more staff writers, get a paid article system in place to help compensate our interviewers for the work they do, etc. There’s some reviews software to add on to the shopping cart to take it all to the next level, and… well, I have a list—and it’s going to be worked on. I hope you will all help us achieve the goals when we lay them all out, because if we can pull it off, we all win.

As we all continue to watch big companies, put together things that are tools for “the independents,” it’s continually clear to me that corporate interest continues to have the upper hand in being able to hire out, buy up, whatever comes up in the Indy scene… and the Indy scene itself, is content to remain fragmented and vunerable. Somehow, we have to be reminded that Indy doesn’t mean giving most of your profit to Amazon (cause ComiXology is owned by them folks), and that there can be ways to get into stores that care about your survival. And your access to new fans does not have to be controlled by Twitter and Facebook.
To become successful creators, we all have to realize, we are not competitors. It was true before the internet and it’s true now: we are not competing for a small slice of the mainstream pie; we are seeking to win new fans. Fans who don’t care about what else there is, and who are your fans, who will follow you because of who you are. It is a wholly possible thing to do, and you are in control of how those fans get your stuff.

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