96 Hall of Fame Update

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August Update By Ian Shires

I’m going to make this a short update, because for the most part, everything I wanted to get done to present this issue, got put on the back burner as I tried to figure out website things from moving from a shared server, to a VPS Cloud set-up. I had wanted to put forth the full system we are going to use to introduce public nomination/voting both here and online. I have most of the backgound work done, it’s just not ready to present.

The good news is that the website is now READY for it. I am done with all major tinkering and upgrading. We’re now running on php7, have set up network wide HTTPS with the green lock in the browser so we’re secure site compliant, I have dug around and found some of the plug ins we used duplicated each other in parts, so got conflicts worked out, eliminated a lot of junk file stuff, etc. Everything seems a go, we’ll be putting it all to a test when we release this issue and see how it handles all the downloads. It’s loading pages faster than we’ve ever seen it, and about 20 times as fast as it was on the shared server. Hopefully people will notice and start using the site again.

And that’s the big thing on my horizon. We need to have a real place to pull together as a community to acheive the goals of success and lasting recognition that we all deserve. We’re going to focus on membership and fellowship, making a place that is welcoming to newcomers who want to learn, and be useful to veterans who have more advanced needs. Indyfest and the Hall of Fame system, can’t be one thing to all people, it must be many things that each group of people – Creators, Musicians, Producers, Publishers, etc, can find what they need quickly and have the tools to reach their goals.

I have a LOT of work yet to do on the navigation, layout, set up, look of the website. I hope to begin addressing it all very soon, but I’m just one guy. We really need to be building a team of people who beleive in this cause who are willing to dig in and make a mark. The whole point of building a Hall of Fame system is to turn it over to the future to be run by new people as we retire.

I’d actually like to find my way back to writing my Dungar comic book as well. I have a lot of stories to tell. I’ve been sitting on issues #50-about #68 for a decade, waiting to be able to do them right in a system that was built by the people for the people. We’ve got some great people coming together on this, I hope to see us surpass the 00’s when the SPA was at it’s previous peak. We can do it if you ask what you can do.

Ok, before I get set to put this issue to bed..our friend Richard Katterjohn let us know that the Tim Corrign HOF/SPACE presentation is now up on You Tube. Go, view it now!

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