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May 2016 Update by Ian Shires

HOF-1     And so, the April SPACE show came and went and it was a good time for all. I spent my time promoting Indyfest, talking to people about what they want, need, and would like to see in the industry. It’s hard to gauge how much of an impact I made, but we got a good number of new people to fill out the HOF form, and we’ll be developing our longterm relationships with everyone.

     This issue, I’ve already talked about my main observation from the show itself, but the other side of the coin is the general drift away from feeling like we’re all in it together. I’ll sound like an old fuddy duddy here, but Facebook and Twitter are major reasons. Crowdfunding is another (and while Indyfest still intends to start our own version of it, I recognize the law of diminishing returns at play; it was something more HOF-2than one publisher mentioned as we discussed things.) Basically, getting started with a crowdfunding event can work. Relying on it for continued success… not so much. Nothing beats having an actual following who crave new work from you, and that’s the core of what Indyfest is seeking to create. Anyway, that’s for another day.

     Sunday was all about the Tim Corrigan memorial event. I’m hoping the video of the event— from our friends at the Underground Video Network (www.undergroundvideonetwork.com/)—will make it online soon. We will make sure everyone gets a chance to see it, as soon as they have it available.

HOF-3     We had on-panel, Bob Corby, Michael Neno, Matt Feazell, and Pam Bliss, while I played host. In the audience were Carol Corrigan and her sons Nathan and Mathew (whose band and art we will be featuring soon), as well as an array of Tim’s fans, and other interested passersby. All in all, it was a decent turnout and it made the event very special for everyone.

     Panelists each spoke of their memories and feelings, about what Tim Corrigan meant to the development of the small press network from the mid 80s into the 90s, and his comic work from before then to well after, as well as his music.

HOF-4     When it came  to my turn, I began the Hall of Fame presentation part of the event. I spoke of Tim’s mentorship to me over the years, how we didn’t always agree, but how he was always right in the end. Nobody ever did more than Tim to turn a mishmash of people making their own photocopied comics into a network of lifelong friends. And so, it was only fitting that we made him the first official honoree of the Self Publisher Hall of Fame. It was Tim himself who challenged me, back around 1987, to create the first directory of who was actually in the network, which led to the Indyfest Network we see today. And it was an honor to present the plaque to his family in eternal memory of what he meant to us all.

HOF-5     One copy of the framed certificate, signed by myself and Bob Corby, was given to the Corrigans; the other will remain with the Hall of Fame records to be shown at future shows.

     Our attention now turns to the future of the Hall of Fame. My goal by next issue is to be able to present the people for whom the public will be eligible to vote for the 2017 presentation. It will be based off the Hall of Fame Starting Point Book presentation, but will be online and give clearer instructions on how  people can submit their info quickly and easily, and set forth what the voting procedure will be.

HOF-6     History means nothing unless it is preserved and shown in a way that people can check out and learn from it in fun and interesting ways. A permanent record of who did what and when, with meaning and feeling. And you, yes you, will be able to vote on who we induct into the Hall, very soon. See you next month folks!


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