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I should really keep better track of our own deadlines. As it turns out, the minute I released last issue, I had to start digging into this one. As such, we’re not going to have any new releases for the New Releases feature, so I’ll forgo trying to scrounge any, and just work towards the thought I had when I finished the first one: It would not be very much more work to add a quick review to each new listing the way I set it up… And so, what I am going to do NEXT issue, is officially bring back the Review section. We haven’t had one in years; we drifted away from it when Review Manager Wade Busby stopped communicating. (We didn’t find out for a while that Wade had actually passed away. We continue to miss him hugely.)

I figure I will be able to handle reviews to start, but if anyone out there wants to carve themselves out a position with Indyfest and move into the role, we are going into an active recruiting cycle. We need more writers actively participating with Indyfest, as the level of people wanting to be IN the magazine is continuing to rise, while the waitlist is getting longer. We have not yet launched the funding program that we are going to use to introduce paid positions into the magazine; this is still a wholly volunteer effort, and is something I have never actually made a penny doing. Our whole goal and function is to get new eyes onto new work from Indy creators, I have taken everything that has ever come in from advertisements and spent it on improving the magazine and getting more people to read it. But we’re going to get this funding program going very soon and up our game. To cover more creators, and do it well, and in a timely way that meets the creator’s needs, we have to.

And let’s look at reality. It took me extra time last issue to complete it, due to my having had surgery (Which went very well; I am recovering well, and should be able to walk around at SPACE in a couple weeks without much trouble). However, I had very little time between issues to do any website work. I took a few days, just because there were important maintenance things that had to be done. I didn’t really get any work done on improvements or the template work I need to do. So, I’ll be back in layouts and then release work for the next two weeks or so—more time not getting anything big done. We NEED a layouts guy. Someone I can train on the free software we use—who can then take over some of these things that trip up our progress. I have considered intern programs, but looking into those takes time, too. I just can’t seem to get the time I need to set up things that will save time, so that this Indyfest Network thing can become all it can be.

And I know no one wants to do it for free, even though I have for decades, as something that someone had to do. I want to set up so people can be compensated and we can grow. But we need some volunteers to get us over the hump. Everyone is so busy with their own work and real life, it’s way too easy to think, “Well, someone will keep the Indy scene covered.” But look around. Is there another magazine doing what we do? Are Comixology, Amazon, Indyplanet supporting your career? Doing everything they can to help you win new fans? Is social media all you need to succeed? I know Kickstarter,etc., are making it possible to get publishing funds…but even they rely on YOU to already have support. We need a better way, please consider sending me an email, and help me help everyone. [email protected]

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