93 The Driving Force

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IM90-Adriving- Copy     Thirty years is a long time, no matter how you slice it. I had no idea in March 1986, when I published Dungar #1, what I would be doing in 2016 or how profoundly the act of becoming a publisher would affect the course of my life. It continues to be the driving force—the thing that makes me happy to get out of bed and try to do something good. I have many times saved special things to launch in March, including the magazine itself, which originally saw print as a mid-magazine-sized eight-page collection of snippets in March 1989. So, that’s happy birthday to Dimestore. Now, let’s dig into the issue!
     I’m launching the new system for displaying new releases this issue. It’s taken some time to get things set up to the point where I can do this flexibly and scalably, so that, as more and more books and publishers take advantage of the listings, we don’t load them, bury them, or otherwise not give everyone an equal chance to be seen. As soon as I can, I’ll be layering a new review system into the mix as well… still need some software work for that to happen. But we’re getting there and I am happy with the start we’re able to make here.
     It’s tied into the work I did over the magazine’s “Christmas Break” in setting up the info for the Hall of Fame. It also gets us started in showing publications by other publishers on the website. Our system is going to grow and evolve as we go. The listings have the ability to link forward to wherever a publisher has them available, their own website, at Drive-Thru, Indyplanet, Amazon, or anywhere else. We also have the ability to load the books up for sale directly through us, and to allow publishers to set up their own shop and collect their own orders. So, how we start to mix in those options and make it work so that it’s completely flexible, yet still PRESENTS them all in one place… that’s the part that makes this cool and useful to the readers/fans of indy stuff. It also links directly in with the archive listings, so the second we put a book up and tag it with a name, it appears in their catalog. And that works whether we do it, or a person set up with an indyfest site/store puts up a book and tags the creators involved.
     The one thing I have not settled on is how to best handle the presentation of publishers. The tag system is one way to go, but I also forsee more people taking charge of their listings, and I will need a way to take those books they listed with us one way, and transfer them to their site under their control, when they want that. Because I plan to list 1000s of books as out of stock, so that they appear in a creator’s listing, but as info. If they then are made available, we don’t want duplicates. This is one of those logistics things where I wish I had a few more people involved in building this place.
     We actually have a need for lots of more people, more interviewers, more article writers, just more active involvement all around. I am hoping that the massive funding project that Doug Owen has been organizing for us will get us over the hump of organizational limbo. We have some great goals, I won’t list them all here, but assuming we get some prize support from our past interview subjects, there should be a good chance to reach our goals, and enable us to move forward with important improvements to our systems and reach. It’s a good feeling to be getting some traction and direction.      Happy birthday to us all!



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