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      And we’re back! We’re going to hit the ground running in 2016, and already have some great issues coming up. So it’s been one full year calling the magazine Indyfest now, and as an agent of change, we’ve managed to shift perspective from just comics, to the fuller world of all things indy, including books, motion picture and music, more than ever before. With an actual music producer joining staff this year, we plan to further the cross-breeding of audience and growth in readership that is making Indyfest a must-read magazine. We’ll keep working on these advances, as long as you are there telling us this is what you want.
     Some of the major things I want to secure in this upcoming year, are a full layouts team, so I can back out of that aspect of things, and focus on other developmental aspects of the website that we need to get to. I also want to develop a Reviews team, and expand the interview/articles system to include more people, so we cover more things each issue. Accomplishing this is going to take some serious team building effort, and goal-reaching.
     The start of which will be a large crowd-funding effort, which will be designed to raise the funds needed to pay staff, among other things. I have been doing this magazine since 1989, and have never made a penny. I have time and again put $$ into print runs that were given away at shows, sometimes with help of advertising, many times, without. That’s not a complaint, it’s just how I kept things going through the years. That’s how committed I have been to seeing this “small press network” survive and have a place to find new readers. I’ll be presenting and launching the campaign right here in the magazine, and we’re planning to have as many people who have been involved in or been covered by, this magazine, participate with the prize structure as we can. Our goals will be set in attainable levels. This is going to be a roadmap to building a better roadmap for us all.
     Let me also mention the Hall of Fame -Starting Point book that is coming out right before this issue hits. I spent the “off period” since December’s issue, building a new way for me to be able to track and present information about publishers. One that automatically tracks publisher eligibility for HOF things. I’m thrilled to say that I pretty much accomplished everything I wanted to do in getting a real starting point for HOF development. I hope you will check out the 350+ pages of information, and see why it’s important and how you can help make the effort, move forward into truly historical significance. I will be doing a LIVE presentation about the HOF at the next SPACE show, in early April. So, if anyone is interested in all of this, and you are able to make it to Columbus, Ohio, please check out the SPACE ads in this issue, and we hope to see you there.
     Many of you know I’ve had foot problems for a long time. Well, to keep everything just a bit more interesting, I am going to be having an ankle replacement surgery on Feb 10th. I am not expecting this to make much difference in the magazine’s production schedule, and with any luck, I may be walking around SPACE, pain-free, for the first time in, well, over a decade. We all have a lot to look forward to in 2016, let’s give it all we can, and make some new history.92ads8


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