90 Exitorial

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So, for a long time, I have been wanting to get this magazine back to printing reviews. Unfortunately, the days when I could personally write 50–100 reviews a month for the magazine are long gone…and we don’t currently have a person who can be put “in charge” of them. It’s just something we’re going to have to build back up to. To that end, I made some noise out there in social media to see if anyone was interested in helping get us started and we did get some yeses. I am not sure if that will translate into reviews in our next issue, but hopefully, when we return in 2016 (we always give staff the majority of December, and so we don’t do a January issue…Next issue will be the last till February.), we’ll be debuting a nice new review section where we can start spotlighting new releases again.

It’s not something I think would be better in the proposed Availability Guide—I think that publication needs to remain very focused on simply what, where, and how, while this magazine can continue to provide the promotional support it’s designed for.

Unlike the staff, I will not be taking any time off. In fact, I will have to work harder. I’ve got so much website work and software stuff to get right so I can get the Availability Guide running smoothly without letting everything else suffer. That’s the trick I most hope to pull off: get more done without working harder. Wish me luck.

This is the transition I hope for. Imagine a football field full of comic creators. The stands are full of fans. The people on the field all want to get the attention of the people in the stands, but each is doing their own thing. I’m standing in the middle of that field singing a song called “Let’s Work Together”. Each verse of the song sells one publication at a time to the people who hear the song. To start, the people in the stands can barely hear the song amid the din of everyone doing their own thing. Slowly, people on the field start to learn the song and sing it with me. As they do, more people in the stands hear the song, and more of them start getting the things they hear about. THAT is where we’re at. But there is still a HUGE number of people who haven’t figured out the song. There are tons of people who just see a disorganized mess out on the field.

We can do better, do more, and work smarter together, rather than harder individually. The size and scope of what we’re attempting is huge. We could be huge. I brought this magazine back into action in July 2012 to start singing that song. I’ve continued to sing it till now, when I know we’ve got a decent little choir going. I’m not about to stop singing it, though I am happy to be giving parts of it over to people who can sing those parts better. And we’ll keep adding what we can, as we can, till they don’t only hear us in the stands, but are drawn into the arena from outside.

Indyfest can be our “We are the World”. It’s just a few voices away from being the success we all need.


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