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A bit of orientation so you can get moving to find the articles and issues of the magazine you are here for. We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible. Want to get info on being in the magazine, look at the Info link. Want to read issues and see what articles and interviews are ready for you right now? Go to the Read link. Want to know more about those of us who are making this magazine? Look at the Staff link.

Now you know everything! Indyfest magazine has blown up. We’re looking at 1000’s of readers now, compared to the 100’s we were normally getting in our old website set-up. We’re available just about everywhere, in most online markets, free as a PDF. Our print version set-up has been slow in coming, but print versions will be available very soon now, for those of you who like to have that in your collections. We’ll maintain them in POD and be working to put more and more of the Self Publisher! Magazine back issues up and available as well, then keep moving backwards (although we will be entering the old SP! Print magazine editions that we have copies sitting here ready to ship as well…they might go up before getting PDF versions made.

DSCN0360Anyway, if you’re still reading this front page, thanks! Each and every person who has come in and looked around in here, you have made this year the best year ever already. We’re going to keep working on the content you love, more interviews, more art and previews, of Indy creators who are all completely deserving of all the attention we can give them. It’s a hard life to choose to be an Indy publisher…getting attention and a fair shot in a crowded scene is hard. Indyfest is all about making it fun for READERS to discover people they wouldn’t otherwise. If you haven’t ventured out further into the NETWORK that this magazine is the backbone of…you’re in for a real shock. Go forth, get lost in the mazes of cool stuff, and remember, you can always touch base and start again in your journeys, and that way cool black bar at the top will be automatically bookmarking the sites you have seen so you can go back to them.

Use the social media tools we’ve placed all over to share cool stuff you find. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, marketing, and so if you’re introducing your friends to the next Walking Dead or TNMT or whatever…YOU get to be the hip, progressive, cutting edge fan of the next big thing. This network is based on a non-profit philosophy, so it is the CREATORS who will benefit. That is all I have to say. Really, have fun.

-Ian Shires